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Yesterday, I posted a pissed as hell, I'm angry at the world rant. I was upset and I let it out! As a result, I pissed a bunch of people off. So, I am going to clarify something, and this will be the one and only time that I will ever clarify or justify or defend what I write in my journal.

Because of the general, and not so general, statments I made in my last post, alot of people took what I had to say as a personal attack. I am not going to appologise what what I had to say, or how I said it. But I will say that it was not ment to attack any one person or group of people, and if it was taken that way then I'm sorry. This is a PERSONAL JOURNAL people! I am going to write about how I feel, when I feel it, and how I want to express it. That is the point of a journal. I shouldn't have to sensor myself, tame my outbursts, or "pretty up" my feelings, just so that I don't piss or offend anyone. If it comes down to that, I'll delete my journal and keep it deleted. Just because my friends get to read what I write, my inner thoughts and feelings, doesn't change the reason I write in a journal. I write to get my feelings out. To get them out of me, were they do alot of damage internally. I throw things out, sometimes painfully and violently (in a metaphoric sense), not to amuse or entertain, but for my own needs. Just because its in an online format, doesn't mean that I should have to tone down my feelings if I don't want to. I do keep a paper journal that no one else gets to see, perhaps my outburst yesterday would have been better in there, but it's not for anyone to say or judge how, when, or what I chose to post or write.

If I'm going to continue to lose friends because of yesterdays post, or what I say today, then what can I do. If you are going to write me off because I let out a mess of steam and raw emotion, and you didn't like what I said or how I said it, then perhaps our friendship wasn't very strong to begin with. I have read my share of pissed at the world, flaming anyone with in scortching distance, posts. And I take them for what they are, letting off steam, getting raw feelings out. I've read some pretty hurtfull things in my friends' journals, but I try to keep what I've read in perspective, and try not throw in their faces their feelings that they've express. Keeping in mind, that the feelings they express in a post are not necessarily indicitive of their entire feelings on a certain matter. I would like my friends to keep that same perspecitive when it comes to reading my journal. Because I'm not here to entertain anyone, or give people something to do while they're bored at work, I'm here because it helps me to get my feelings out.
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Were oh were has sehlert gone?

Oh, were oh were could she be?

Since I got my blogger up and runnging on I've pretty much been posting there. I probably won't be posting much on LiveJournal, unless I have something I need to get off my chest and don't want the entire world to be able to read it. So, if you still care about what goes on with little ol' me, thats were you'll find me.

Ok, bye now.
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I'm gonna go take a nap...

I just shoveled more frickin snow this afternoon than I ever care to shovel again. For some reason, yesterday, Jeremy didn't shovel our walkway from our back door to the parking lot, even though he unburried both our cars. We went out late yesterday afternoon, and had to wade through knee high snow. Calvin had a really hard time making his way through, and so did I. In the interest of leaving our home this afternoon, and not wanting to trip and kill myself or either one of the kids, I put the kids in their room and shoveled a whole lot of snow. I'm hot, sweaty, and tired. At least now I can leave safely and make it to my car with kids in tow. dischisser is suppost to call me when her little one gets up from his nap so we can go entertain ourselves. All though, all I really want to do is take a nap.
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Begining to unbury ourselves...

After a whole day of nothing but snow, we are begining to start to unbury. While we didn't get any snow today, we still were stuck at home because the parking lot was completely covered in several feet of snow, and there was no way in hell that we were getting our car out. Our neihbors were out in force with snow shovels, helping each other uncover vechicles and make tracks out of the parking lot. Our cars were so covered in snow that we had to call dischisser's hubby to see if he could come out with one of his four wheeled drive vechicles and take Jeremy to the store to pick us up food and (hehe..) a snow shovel. The whole area is still under a whole ton of snow, everything is shut down tomorrow. Jeremy doesn't have to go into work because of the massive amounts of snow, so tomorrow, we can start to get our cars out of the snow banks that have devoured them. I did take pictures of the whole event, and I will post a few once I find were I packed the cable that goes with our digitial camera.

In the meantime, I've been amusing myself by playing video games. When the kids aren't around that is. I never thought that I'd get really into a video game, I tend to lose interest in them quite easily, but there are a couple that I have been enjoying playing. I would rather, however, to get out of the house and back to doing things. The kids and I are going stir crazy, and I've been singing the "Cabin Fever" song from "Muppet Tresure Island" . I've had the whole muppet dance routine from the movie dancing around in my head, if I don't get out soon I may not be responsible for what I may end up doing!! And to make this whole weather thing worse, the weather people are now saying that its going to warm up and start to thaw this week, just intime for a whole mess of rain. So, if they prove to be correct, we'll go from buried in snow to floating away. I am really looking forward to spring, warmer weather, being able to go outside for a change.
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Stuck inside with NOTHING to!!

Today we're having the worst snow storm that Maryland is experiencing in 7 years. We're talking feet, not inches. Our car is almost completely burried in a snow drift, and as I look out my bedroom window while I post this, the snow has almost reached the bottom portion. We took Calvin out to play in the snow, he's been going stirr crazy being cooped up all day, and the snow came up to his waist!! Again as I'm writing this, some guy decided that he wanted to leave, so he cleared his car off, pulled out, and is now stuck in the middle of the parking lot. Currently, he's trying to shovel his car out. I can't stop laughing at him! He's gonna have to shovel the whole damn parking lot! It hasn't been plowed once today, and we've got a couple of feet of snow out there!

I am SOOO bored! Jeremy and I argued over who was gonna fix dinner tonight, me or him. I'm posting this so he won. Oh, and the guy in the car got about two feet, and got stuck again. Once again, he's trying to shovel his way out. Hehe... it looks like hes got his wife/girl friend doing it. At a time like this, perhaps he should think about staying home??
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Snowy Day

I'm stuck inside today, its majorly snowing outside. Blah...
I'm getting tired of winter, I wish spring will hurry up and get here.
I like snow in moderation, but we've had alot of it this winter, enoughs enough!
I don't have anything else to write about.
Ok, bye now...
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I don't usually do this...

But for you mom's out there, who at one time or another felt less than enamored with motherhood. Watch Oprah today at 4pm in what ever time zone you happen to live in. Her topic today is the reality of mother hood, and its not all sunshine and roses! From the previews, this show looks very compelling, so even if you don't typically watch Oprah (and I don't really), this still looks like THE show to watch!